Oct 31, 2015

Halloween 2015 is a wrap!

Turned out to be another great year!

If I'm picky the wind worked against the fog a bit and it did get a bit chilly but at least it wasn't raining or snowing!  Speaking of fog, I'm going to make a tombstone for all of the fog machines that have bit the dust.  Just today one of the smaller ones that was supposed to be used for the cauldron decided to give up the ghost.  It did have a good 12 year run so there's that.

I'm guessing around 250 Trick or Treaters this year and I'd say hands down that Princesses took the top spot for girl's costumes and probably a two-way tie with Zombies and Ninjas for boy's costumes.  Surprisingly, I didn't see as many Star Wars costumes as I thought there would be.

Favorite moment?  Teenage boy dressed as a banana, slipped coming up the stairs and spilled all his candy.  Can't make that stuff up.

Check back soon for pictures.  See you in 2016!