Oct 27, 2015


Last year while taking down all the decorations some microbursts of high wind knocked some props over and did some damage, including the roof of the hearse carriage which flew off and into the garage door making a good size dent.  So this year involved a fair amount of repair but was also a good opportunity for some upgrades!


An access door was added to the back of one of the columns for something special. Also, last year there were a few Trick or Treaters that tripped over the flood lights in front of the columns so an upgrade was made to install a color-changing LED RGB fixture mounted directly to the column base with the power cord routed into the column itself to avoid that happening again.  Some hot glue web webbing was added to the candle and skeleton sconce.  Lastly all the holes, dings and dents from the wind damage were repaired and the columns received some more paint.


The roof now has some bolts to secure it to the rest of the carriage to avoid flying off in a freak wind storm.  

The whole of the carriage was fairly unstable due to how the rear box and the front seat are two pieces that were joined together with only two bolts and there was also a gap between the pieces caused by the front box panel trim.  This was retooled such that the frame member of both the box and the seat assembly now join directly together to remove the sagging and make the whole thing more rigid.  The seat box received a padded fabric seat and also the front of the box was replaced from wood with fabric.  This now allows a speaker to be concealed inside the seat!  

The axles were replaced with threaded black iron pipes that screw into floor flanges bolted to the wheels.  This has taken out the side to side wobble and makes the hearse a bit easier to setup.

On to the rear box.  I didn't like how the polyvinyl fabric used for the windows was shiny and reflected a lot of light.  To make the coffin more visible it's been raised up on blocks and the 'back' side curtain has been lowered to accentuate the lighting.  The window fabric from the 'front' viewing side has been removed.  A skull hand was also added to the coffin along with some lighting tweaks.  Finally some various mini skull accoutrements and rivets were added - can never have enough of those.

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